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Education and Philosophy

Philosophy of Education: We are in the innovation era and ideas are the currency of the future. To participate in… Read More


I have been fortunate to work with administrators who helped me develop my leadership abilities and encouraged me to help… Read More

Teaching Skills, Experience and Recognition

Teaching:  My teaching style can be categorized as progressive, research-based and highly responsive to student need. I have experimented with… Read More

About Me

I've wanted to teach since I was in Kindergarten and have been a teacher since 2006. I still love it and am looking forward to helping more teachers, students and families work on literacy. Keep on reading!


I believe in encouraging curiosity and teaching students to become self-directed learners. This involves a lot of student choice but also a lot of practice making good-for-learning choices. Students need to get good at knowing what helps them (as individuals) learn.

Katie Bruinsma

I have a big family with two brothers and two sisters. I spend most of my time making things, planning things and hanging out with family and friends.