Philosophy of Education:

We are in the innovation era and ideas are the currency of the future. To participate in society and to be a valuable member, we must be able to trade in ideas.  Students need to know the value of ideas; they need to learn to preserve and share their thoughts and they need to have the tools and skills to adapt and follow-through with ideas.  We need to be concerned with creating “a new paradigm of human capacity to meet a new era of human existence” (Robinson, 2009, para. 12); our workplaces and schools must become environments where creativity can flourish, and people are inspired to grow.  No one knows exactly what the future holds. Students starting school this year will be in the workforce fifty years from now with unimaginable problems to solve. What they learn in school now is forming their view of the world. How fully they embrace creative thinking and innovation will have a direct impact on how much they contribute to the world.  (Hammond, 2015, p. 103). The only way to prepare students for a future we can’t predict is to teach them how to prepare themselves. Flexibility and problem solving are vital.

We should seek to instill a love of learning while creating critical thinkers able to design their own inquiry throughout their lives; citizens of the world capable of setting goals and working with others to achieve them. We want our students to know how to gather knowledge and utilize that information as an individual, within a community and as part of the world. The goal of the education system should be to exist in the place where life, learning and loves meet. This model of education allows for personal interests and passions while putting the students first. It acknowledges that life and school should not be separate entities and ensures life skills are central to the curriculum. Individual needs are the focus while at the same time interpersonal skills such as teamwork and social interactions are emphasized.


Bachelor of Education, U of A on RDC Campus, 2006

Fine Arts Diploma, RDC, 2010

Master of Education, University of Victoria, 2016

Enrolled in E-Learning Certificate, RDU, 2019


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