Art, Grade 6 L.A. and Grade 6 S.S. at Glendale Sciences and Technology School.

I believe in encouraging curiosity and teaching students to become self-directed learners. This involves a lot of student choice but also a lot of practice making good-for-learning choices. Students need to get good at knowing what helps them (as individuals) learn.

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Language Arts

Students will spend the majority of L.A. time doing ‘rounds’ which they choose. Rounds are made up of literacy activities, are self-directed and teach students responsibility. During this time, students work independently or on specific reading, writing and word work skills in small groups and one-on-one with me. This is an effective way to target each child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Students will be working on individual pieces of writing and be at different stages of the writing process. Having choice in what they write increases student motivation to write. They will work on drafting, editing and revising with one-on-one or small group assistance and will practice making excellent writing choices (about ideas and the direction of their piece as well as grammar and correctness) on their own.

Word work activities are based on weekly lists made up of Grade 6 “no excuse words” (based on the most frequently used words in English and separated by topic) and curriculum words. Students are graded on weekly tests through spellingcity as well as their use of these words in their writing.

Social Studies

Grade six S.S. revolves around the concept of democracy. Students will create political parties and platforms, hold an election for class Premier and then run the classroom as a student government. Students will determine classroom money, taxes, events and structure for the year.


I am working on my masters in Art Education and have been going to summer school for the last two summers. One left to go! I believe everyone can learn artistic skills just like we can learn to read and write. “I can’t draw” is a great reason to take art.

Student Art Gallery

What’s Happening in Room 116?

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