I’m interested in exploring ideas, experimentation and problem-solving. For the creative process to be satisfying, I need to start out with a problem and let my mind dwell on it. I’m addicted to the eureka moment that hits suddenly and makes me think I’ve stumbled across the only ‘right’ answer. Even if I’ve been subconsciously stewing for months it feels like that moment inspires me to create. I get enjoyment out of trying things more than one way and comparing the differences. I love to give a class full of students a problem to solve and see the variety in what they come up with. My art program is based on this and I believe all classes should be; with an end goal of having the students frame problems and discover solutions for themselves.

The problem I’m currently working through is how to preserve and share memories through art and storytelling. I believe the written piece can be as effective as the art piece and I wanted to explore how they work together. I struggle with wanting to express specifics through artwork. The preservation of memories, for me, needs to be more than an image alone. I’m working with layering, using maps as memory triggers and pairing art with writing.